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Bogey Free CBD by The Leaf Collaborative is the top CBD Brand! Unmatched in quality, safety and effectiveness. All our cultivation and oil production are made in the USA and under federally approved and licensed research programs. All our products are independently tested twice, gluten free, pesticide free, and contaminate free. All our products are hand crafted in small batches for greater consistency. We use a proprietary nano technology with full spectrum product formulations to improve absorption and effectiveness. Unlike many of our competitors which manufacture oversees and are not subject to rigorous federal testing guidelines. Much of the other CBD sold in the USA Comes from China, India and elsewhere where cultivating is very lax.


Millions of consumers have started using CBD to address: Chronic pain, stress, focus, sleep, regulate the immune system and suppress inflammation.


Athletes have begun using CBD to assist in muscle recovery and pain management. Consumers use CBD to regulate the immune system and suppress inflamation.


CBD is one of the fastest growing health products in the country. Third party forecasters are projecting the CBD industry to grow from 2 billion to a 20 billion by 2024.


Golf is one of the fastest growing segments in the CBD industry. It is used by millions of golfers, PGA TOUR Pros and additionally, has been featured in all the major golf media outlets including Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, The Golf Channel and others.


Bogey Free CBD by The Leaf Collaborative executive and production team led one of the largest medical compassion centers in the country. He has also worked directly with a team of doctors at one of the top children’s hospital in the country to develop proprietary treatment plans for children with epilepsy. All products made in the USA.

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